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Trigésima Quinta Semanda: Sobre New York City e outras coisitas mais

08:44:00 Fernanda Gumz 0 Comments

Hello guys!
Yeah, you are right! It's time to the New York City post! Are you all excited?!
Cause I would be if I were you... ;D

So, besides the post about New York, I just want to tell you that I got my extension papers by mail. 
I am, sort of sad, but happy at the same time. It's very hard to leave all of these behind, like my host family, friends, and my american dream haha. I know it would be over at some point, and procrastinate would be even worse, so lets go home as soon as I can, then I will get used to the idea earlier. 
I also bought my flight tickets to Europe, I am going to stay there for a month with Rod. I am sooooooo excited. It makes me forget about leaving USA. So I am happy and sad deppending on what I think about. The reason why I am saving my whole entire money every single week. Being Au Pair is not that easy, and it is not only parties and trips. 

Okay, so now, let's go into the New York?

Hope you guys had liked, if you did please give my a thumbs up on my youtube channel, and also Subscribe, you are more then welcome to!!!
Bye :)

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