Another weekend and my life back.

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This week I had nothing much. I am actually going to a few Doctors for a check up. Everyhting all right so far. On monday I got very sick, so funny cause during a whole entire year in the USA, it didn't happen even once, good. But bad that 2 weeks after I get here it happened. But I'm pretty better now (can I say that?).
On Friday nothing much as well, I am having a serious relationship with my bad and TV. Gosh what a boring life I am having now. At least in 2 weeks I am leaving straight to Europe, I am super excited to tell and show you guys everyhting. I also start a new job in july, so all this boring thing will be ended. 
On saturaday night I had a movie day with me, myself and I. Also went to a Pizzaria (it's they way we call a pizza place here in Brazil), I missed it so bad, it's really good, you can check it out in the video down bellow. 
Sunday, movies, movies and more movies. uff. Can't wait to see Paris, Malta, Budapest, Italy... oh, have I told you I am going to Italy? Yeah, I wasn't sure a few days ago, but now I know, I am going to know some places there!!! 
Well, that's it, let's see what I have for this next week. 
Don't forget to play the video! ;*


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