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1st post from Brazil

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Hi guys, yeah I know, I didn't write the last post from USA, but I was so busy, then I wasn't able to write it here. So I am gonna do it now, write about my last weekend there and my first week here. 

Friday - 04/30:
On Friday Geovanny, my friend, took me to the Grill from Ipanema, a Brazilian restaurant in DC. It was amazing, that was my first time there. We also met Enoch, who is Geo's friend, a very nice and fun guy. After we have our meal we went to 3 different bars, dance, drink and have some fun. It was super cool, and when we were in the way to our home, we stopped by IHope to have coffe and pancakes. But I didn't have any, cause I wasn't hungry, I just wanted my bed. ;pp

Saturday - 04/31:
On sat I stayed home during the day, but at night, around 6pm I went to Nathaly's house. We watched a movie and after that we went to Witlow's. We had so much fun there, they had life music (is that correct? life music?). They played so awesome, so Nath and I had a lot of fun. We also met some guys, who seemed be older then us, they were so fun, they payed some drinks for us. I will miss that. Around 1am we decided to go to Mr. Days and meet the other girls who were there. We also had so much fun there, I've met a guy from Afghanistan, he payed me a drink and we talked for a while, he said he had an interest on me, if you know what I mean, then I told him I have a boyfriend, and that I could introduce him some friends. He said he wanted me and not my friends (that part was funny) so I said, "I am sorry desappoint you then. ;S He said I had to go with my friends cause he couldn'd keep looking at me without ... you know (that was weird) so I left him. Then after some minutes, he went talk to one of my friends and said to her how sad he was because I didn't want anyting with him. So at 2:30am more or less they stopped the music, we went to those guys house, (those guys I am talking about were some guys who Ashley had met)  to drink a little more. I had so much fun that day. 

Sunday - 05/01
On Sunday I spent my time with Nath, *_* I miss her so much... Well we had lunch together, we watched 2 movies and I didn't want to leave, cause I knew I was not going to see her again, not so soon at least. But at 3:30pm I left, couldn't wait more, and it was so hard to see her crying and hold my tears, cause I didn't want to cry. But then, when I left her behind, I cryed so much on my way home, seeing all around, If I close my eyes I still can see Clarendon so clear in my mind. What an awesome place. 

Monday - 05/04
On monday I had lunch with Carlota. My Spanish friend. That was hard as well, She gave me a goodbye card, a lolipop and a scarf. So cute... We went to Chicken Fill-A. I also went with her to the playground to say goodbye to the Elementary School. And then, good bye for her. ;S So hard say bye to who you like. 

Tuesday - 05/05
Tuesday were my departure day. My host dad dropped me off at the airport. I met Natacha there, we had the orientation together. So cool we had each other to flight together. 

Wednesday - 05/06
The arrival day. I got in Curtiba at 1:30pm, saw my Dad and my Mom, and a blond girl that I couldn't recognize at the 1st moment, but it was Rafaela, one of my best friends here in Brazil. She is blond now. Funny I haven't recognized her but she still very pretty. We went straight home. When I got home everything was decorated with balloons and posters. Super cute...

On wednesday I also went to see my grandpa, he missed me so much, and I missed him a lot as well. I am kinda sad cause he is super sick. ;T

Some of my friends came to see my and say hi on wednesday, thursday and friday.

On Saturday - 05/09 I had a 5yo boy birthday party, all my family were there, it was very nice meeting them again, so good have my family all together saying funny things hahhahahha

Sunday - 05/10 it's mother's day, so I gave my family all presents I've brought to them. They seemed to like. It was super nice being with my family again. It's rainning here and cold, it's weird being inside the house and get cold anyway. Now I am going to watch a movie and get warm using some blakets, I have nothing celso to do, can't wait to go to Europe and find a way to return to USA.

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