A big surprise: The welcome party.

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This weekend my friend Rafaela came to visit me. I wasn't sure whether she was going to come or not, but then on Thursday she said she was, so I've got super excited cause she is one of my friends who I have missed a lot. She arrived on Saturday. 
My brother doesn't live here, he lives in Florianópolis, we call the city Floripa here in Brazil, it's like a nick name :). He came on saturday too, he doesn't come every weekend, so I thought it was kind strange he coming this one, since he came the last one for the mother's day.  He said it was cause he had a friend's birthday party, so I was okay, but "it must be such a good friend cause get stuck for 6 hours in a bus is kinda sick".
This day (Saturday) everyone in my family were acting weird, they were saying things that wasn't matching with the situation. I don't know if you guys understand what I mean. 
After Rafa gets here, and also my brother, she said she wanted to go to the city. Since here is a small town and we have almost nothing to do (she knows that), I thought it was weird as well, but I was okay and she wanted to go anyways. 
My mom also asked me to take Zé (my brother) to his friend's birthday party, and I could go to the city with my friend Rafa after drop him off. But she said I had to dress up for that with a nice out fit and also put on make up. Then I was like: "okay I'll do it but it's so strange what you are asking me". 
When it was around 5pm, my mom said she was going to a place do I don't know what, and that my dad was going to take her to the place. I was okay, bye then, she asked to me to close our house before we live. I thought it was even more strange, since my dad was going to be back in a few minutes. 
Around 5:50 pm, my brother, Rafa and I went to drop off my brother to the "birthday party". He drove, another reason to me think something was going on, since I was supposed to drop him off. When we got to the party place I saw my dad's car and asked what he was doing there. Zé answered me with a smile. Then I got everything. It was a surprise welcome party.  
I was kinda shy at the beginning, so I got out of the car super slow, trying to understant. I saw every one looking at me through the window, and smiling, super cute. I got some minutes to realize what was really going on, specially when I've looked behind me and saw Diego, one of my friends who lives in Curitiba, filming me. Wasn't believing my friends from Curitiba were there. That was so cool. I've got very happy. 
When I got inside everyone sterted clap to me. So I've got even more shy at that time. I greeted one by one, thanking. 
When I was done with all of them João, a friend also from Curitiba, called me to show me something. It was a video from Rodolpho, where everyone could see. Super cute, and adorable. I loved every single word he said. One of my friends and my God Mother even cryed... Thought that was funny. 
Rod and I are super far away from each other, and it has been very hard for us to handle it as a relationship. So his surprise was very special to me, made me feel kinda better after everything we have passed through. 
I had a great time there with everyone together. We had cake, churrasco, some special brazilian food, like risoles, coxinha, brigadeiro, etc...
Thank you all, specially my parents, for that great time. 

 Thanks, you all are amazing!!!!

See you next week ;**

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