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I am getting at Malta in two weeks. Could I be more excited? I mean, I love those kind of beaches, where you can see your feet even when the water is very deep. Clean and blue water, with a lot to see throught it. It's amazing to see how perfect the nature is. And how, even more, amazing God is. 
Since I can't stop thinking about being in Malta in a few days, I will put here what most excites me about this place, specialy pictures, cause I don't know yet what else about the Island but what I read. And if you like it as well, you might use this to help you to find out where to go. ;)

Our first stop in Malta will be San Giljan, (St Julian's)
We are gonna get there at night, leave our things at the hotel and go out to explore the place, have dinner, and enjoy San Giljan's night life. 

Gozo Island. It is a place where, for sure, you cannot leave behind. 

The Azure Window is a remarkable geologic feature of the island. It is a natural stone arch that was formed millions of years ago, and is the principal turistic point of the place. 

Blue Lagoon
Very popular with divers, snorkelers and swimmers. Look at this amazing blue water, Don't you feel like you want to jump inside right now?!

The Capital, it is a very historical city. The old buildings probably makes you feel being part of a movie. 

Popeye Village
It's a very cute place where I also can't wait to know. They have this colorful architecture what makes it unique. They also have a very nice and romantic point to go in the evening. 

                                                                                                               Popeye village in the Anchor golf, Malta

Here is where Malta ends for us. Hope you have enjoyed this as much as I did writing it. See you next weekend in Paris!!!!! ;) 

Bye ;*

The pics have been taken on Google Images.

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