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9 Months in the United States: What's new?

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In Rod's words: "Your baby is coming Fernanda!" haha Yeah 9 months, and I feel like it was yesterday my first day in the Unites States of America. And here we are, another Sunday has arrived. A lot of things came up this last month. Rod and I. Extention papers. Taxes. I had to get my Social Security Number (and what a work btw). I still have some stuffs to resolve. Like send my papers to APIA about my flight dates, and so on. My HF is also looking for their new Au Pair, time for some jealous fellings. It's very hard to leave them, but I have to move on. There are a lot of things that I want to do when I come back home, but it's secret, you guys are going to know at the right time.
I don't have much to say besides what I wrote above. I am spending my time with my host family. I also have to save money, since I have a lot of plans for this year.
Let's resume my 9 months here in the USA?!

1. I learned a different kind of love.
2. My English improved a lot.
3. I had my first halloween
4. Rod came to visit me
5. I went to watch a hockey game
6. I went to watch a basketball game
7. I went to watch a American football game
8. I went for ice skating
9. I drank wine
10. I saw snow
11. I drove with snow on roads
12. I went to NY
13. I went to great falls
14. I went to Potomac Mills outlets drinving by myself
15. I had my first Thanks Giving
16. I went to Boston
17. I got my MacBook
18. I bought crocs. And I thought I would never do that.
19. I have one of my suitcases already packed.
20. I had a North American Christmas.

I also wanna thank you for all subscribes on my YouTube channel and on my facebook FanPage. We are 300 now! Let's get to 3.000.000!!!!
And don't take too long!

Thank you so much,
See you soon...

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